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CC19 is excited to present Carlos Salum

From Gabriela Sabatini, Sergi Bruguera, Argentine's- and Italy's Davis Cup teams to today's Formula One elite. We're excited to present Carlos Salum!

Carlos Salum is the Founder of Salum International Resources, Inc., a leadership performance strategy consultancy based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. He’s the developer of Performance Architecture, a process that helps corporate leaders design a blueprint for achieving peak performance, based on key training principles utilized by world- class athletes and sports teams.

His international clients have headquarters in four continents and belong to the private banking, diplomacy, insurance, medical, IT, management consulting and sports management industries, among others.

As an executive, Salum held top management positions in the sports marketing and information technology industries. As a peak performance expert, he has participated in ground-breaking research with some of the world's leading sport scientists, with whom he coached some of the world's top athletes.

He contributed to the careers of outstanding tennis players such as Gabriela Sabatini (U.S. Open champion, 1990) and Sergi Bruguera (French Open champion, 1993-94) and the Argentine and Italian Davis Cup Teams, among many others. He currently coaches international race car drivers Pietro Fittipaldi (Formula One Team Haas, 2017 World Champion Formula Renault V8 3.5) and Enzo Fittipaldi (2018 Formula 4 Italian Champion, Ferrari Driver Academy) in their mental toughness training. 

Mr Salum will hold three sessions at CC19: 

- The Role of the Coach: From Teacher to Ambassador to Inspiring Leader
- Make a Memorable Impact: Steps to Create Your Personal Brand
- Mental Toughness Training On-Court  

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